• Planning for a Life Well-Lived

    Pauley Financial Services is a Financial Advisor that provides Fee-Only™, fiduciary, financial planning and investment management services.

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  • Life is full:

    Shouldn't my advisor already understand my world and my distinct financial challenges?

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  • How can I balance living for today and saving for tomorrow?

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  • How can we responsibly extend the gift of our inter-generational wealth?

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  • I am blessed and grateful to live in this country. How can I most efficiently manage my tax responsibility?

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  • I will likely live longer and spend more years in retirement.

    How can I best plan for that?

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FIVE STAR Wealth Manager
Austin, San Antonio, Central Texas

Texas Monthly

Pauley Financial is a Financial Advisor that provides Fee-Only™, fiduciary, financial planning and investment management services in Austin, TX and surrounding areas.

Our business is helping families and individuals achieve the life they envision. Acting as a fiduciary, we will partner with you to educate and guide you, as well as implement financial strategies designed to help you achieve your goals. As a Fee-Only™ advisor, we are your advocates working only for you, with no conflicts of interest associated with commissions, bonuses or hidden fees as we do not accept them. Nationally, affluent individuals and families have relied on our firm for wealth management planning and portfolio management for over 20 years because we understand that each client's needs and situation are unique to them.

We are extremely passionate about helping people make financial decisions that are in consonance with their principles, values and dreams as well as those of their heirs.  We welcome the opportunity to show you how.

What does it mean to be a fiduciary?  While there are literally 1000's of pages of legislation attempting to define this position (to which we are accountable), we also are proud to commit to these principles.

  • Place our client's interests first - always.

  • Be honest, forthright and transparent.

  • Educate our clients so that they feel confident in making important life choices.

  • Exceed continuing education requirements.

  • Be proactive in disclosing any conflicts of interest that may arise.

  • Accept no compensation from any source that is not derived directly, and as agreed upon, from our clients.

Articles, Blog Entries and Case Studies

  • Grads, Dads, Moms, Babies and Brides...tis the Season!

    Spring and early summer are filled with many opportunities for celebrations and are popular times for a variety of planned transitions in our lives.Among the customary transitions, May and early June mark a milestone for many students as they move forward to a new stage of life. In our April article, we talked about education costs. Now let’s move on to the good part…Graduation!Most of us at this time of year have or know an upcoming graduate.   Read More...

  • Starship Medicine

    Technology's Impact on the Future of Medicine, Your Profession, Your Health...and Possibly Your Wealth?As we continue to partner with the medical community by assisting doctors and dentists with developing sound financial plans, we strive to stay abreast of trending topics in the medical industry.  We find the possibilities for the advancement of patient care to be particularly interesting, and it is easy to see that these developments will lead to an industry paradigm shift (perpetuall...  Read More...

  • Education Funding - There's More to the (Authentic) Discussion Than Meets the Eye

    Chances are, you or someone you know is saving for college, has a student applying to college, is in college, or is paying student loans from college. Some of us get to check off more than one of those items!  We hope this article provides some perspective on this significant and complex part of most of our financial lives.   Read More...

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